The Art of Innovation

“Not to do things 10%-15% better, but to do things 10x better, to jump to the next curve or create the next curve”

The Art of Innovation – Guy Kawasaki

Henry Ford quote “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
So don’t just make a faster horse, jump the curve and create what the customer wants/needs faster transportation.

We know what parents want, better educated students, but are we providing a faster horse or are we creating the automobile, ie, are we providing them with a better understanding of 20th century skills or are we providing them a better education for their future in the 21st century?

No generation in history has ever been so thoroughly prepared for the industrial age. – David Warlick
Here is another quote I love that may speak to this.
There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker

I think we are doing one heck of a job making efficient 20th century skills. Scores are up in all categories but are they as important as they once were? In the age of google and wolfram-alpha do you really need to memorize the equation or do you need to understand what it does?

UStream your Board Meetings?

I followed the rabbit whole and found this article on Wecasting Or Liveblogging School Board Meetings by
“The Edjurist”. It is nice to see the legal opinion more then just the technology option. So if you are still game after reading the article, this can be easily done. Get yourself a wifi computer, a web camera and a Ustream account. Within minutes you can be broadcasting your board meeting for free to the world. This is a great way to get your board member involved in understanding Web 2.0 as well as your districts filtering policies 😉

Computer based learning

Well, I found this video to be very interesting.  I had no idea this was in place so long ago. I have my doubts to its technological feasibility back then, but today this is absolutely possible.  In fact I watched Kindergartners yesterday doing this exact thing.   My thoughts are this is how we are going to get them to remmber what is they need to remember and give us the time with the teachers to be creative with the knowledge they gain.

Apple’s Tablet PC for education.

The eMate 300Image via Wikipedia

I just got done reading The Apple tablet is a non-starter in Ed without content. article by Chris Dawson and was thinking…. How will Apple and others make money in education.
That is the question many have asked and failed to figure out. Unfortunately education is too slow to change to make effective use of cutting edge technology (remember the eMate). Companies do not have the time to make a profit 10 years from when they introduce a product. That is why they will make a killing and change the cell phone industry selling MP3 players that can make calls but will not change education by making computers that can be a textbook.

The solution will be when a company will create entertainment that will educate. The logical thinking game Myst is an old school example. Plenty of others are like it teaching one skill or another. But what happens when Myst XI teaching you HS Physics or Algebra? Crazy but its what the “people” will buy.

Problem / Project based “games” will not only engage students they will CHANGE the way we teach and learn. This will cause kids and parents to buy such devices not schools.

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Change our Math?

Do you think we should change our math curriculum? I mean it has been “working” for almost a century now, when do we need to change?  Do you have any thoughts after watching this video? There are some that think it would be foolish to change based solely on what is needed vs our learning experiences. Thoughts?

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eSchool News article on ‘School of the Future’

This article in the July 1, 2009 eSchool News is well worth the read.  The Philadelphia School of the Future as had some struggles and had a panel investigate what is causing their difficulties.  I agree with Frederick Hess, it is refreshing to see people hang out their dirty laundry for others to learn from.  It takes real courage to say things aren’t working and here are some reasons why.  I believe it helps us all.

Some highlights:

  • Have a clear goal
  • Have a system to maintain focus despite attrition
  • Provide teacher/student technology training
  • Provide adequate technology support
  • Have a commitment and process to foster community partnerships
  • Large scale innovative changes take time.

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Will the xbox replace the teacher?

Image via Wikipedia

I am a firm believer you should wake up every morning and think “who will replace me” and then figure how you can do it before they do. So the question is can game makers, replace the 20th century teacher? If your job is simply to teach a skill then i think the answer is yes. We have to teach our kids so much more then that. So let’s let the technology teach the skills and let us focus on teaching them, what why, and how to use that skill.

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